Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Earn Money with your best Revit® Families

There are thousands of free and paid Content available on the Market, but our research and the daily feedback from our Customers and Website Visitors shows a huge lack of really High Quality Revit® Content combined with personal unique Service. And this is exactly what we provide to the Revit® Community and that make the difference and the Success of the Revit® Content Platform.

But it’s all about the best Revit® Content and therefore we search for the best Revit® Content Creator available to join our Content Partner Program with the aim to become the first choice for Revit® Users and their need for High Quality Revit® Content.

This Content Partner Program is different to other Content sale opportunities because for us there is not the sale the most important - The most important are you as Content Partner and the Revit® User.

We provide the Platform that every single Revit® User can get your best Revit® Content and how we do it makes the real difference to all existing Revit® Platforms.

How you can benefit ?
  • Registration as Revit® Content Partner is absolute FREE
  • You pick the price
  • You get 70% of sales revenue
  • You get payed monthly (via check or on your PayPal Account)
  • You receive constantly information, which Revit® Content is missing out there
  • You receive constantly feedback from Revit® Users
  • No charge for free Content
  • No credit card fees
  • No hosting fees
  • No marketing fees

We really want you to concentrate on the creation of your best Revit® Content and therefore we do everything to make the distribution of your Content as easy as possible for you and at the same time we do everything to provide the Revit® User with all detailed information they need to decide which Revit® Content is the best for them.

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