Monday, 23 May 2011

Book: 100 ways to Photography - The Expert Advice

100 ways to Photography - The Expert Advice is a new book by Choo Meng Foo. The book is about photography and reveals 100 ways to capture and explore those amazing moments. Its about exploring beyond the limits of the camera, touching on increasing the photographers' sensibilities, courage and humility. A book for those who want to go beyond the technical and technique. Learn and understand the relationship between you and your camera.

Here is a video by the author revealing more about the book:

To Purchase the book visit
and to download the Preview Book Click HERE. You can also purchase the book through Blurb or
now available in Amazon.

About the Author: Choo Meng Foo

Choo Meng Foo has been a photographer since he was fifteen years old. At sixteen, he won an overall best print (student section) for Asian Salon competition and his work got exhibited in the National Musuem, National University of Singapore and abroad. He went on to shoot for Tennis and Squash circles. Most recently his work was featured in Aisan Geographic Magazine, Silverlining, Wave, and One. his subject interest includes theatrical performance, portraiture, cityscape and anthropods. He has also given seminars and workshops on photography and digital post processing techniques.

Vist Choo Meng Foo's Flickr and Profile for further information.

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