Tuesday, 24 May 2011

ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin 2.1 for SketchUp

Inglobe Technologies has just announced that version 2.1 of ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin for SketchUp is now available. Among the new features:

  • Video/Audio Objects: support for the creation of 3D objects that allow interactive media files playback.
  • Soundtracks: support for audio playlist management which will play in background during the AR Visualization.
  • Customizable Interactions: support for definition of interactions with 3D objects during the AR Visualization.
  • Save/Load Custom Configurations: possibility to save/load many configuration options such as Markers’ Library and 3D Scene Setup.
  • Extended Animations support for 3ds Max: e.g. skinning and morphing

For more information, visit the site linked above or their blog.

Via Daily Catchup

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