Tuesday, 11 May 2010

List of New Sketchup Plug-ins and updates

There have been a number of New and Updated Plug-ins released recently. Here's a list:

  • Twighlight Render 1.4 -"Our latest version fixes a longstanding material problem, providing better, faster results!"
  • LibFredo6 and ToolsOnSurface - Important updates to fix the menu gray-out problems.
  • Make Fur - New plug-in for creating fur or grass component arrays.
  • ShapeBender plug-in by Chris Fullmer has been recently updated.
  • PickIt - A new plug-in by Thomas Thomassen pops-up a menu of selectable entities when there is ambiguity.
  • Cleanup - Thomas' essential utility has improved methods for cleaning up, and now also repairs broken lines.
  • Edge Tools - Yet another of Thomas' growing and great collection of plug-ins. Adds a face division tool. (see video)
  • Camera Stats - A plug-in to inspect and manipulate the Camera in SketchUp by Martin Rinehart.
  • Extrude Edges by Rails to Lattice - Another fantastic addition to TIG's powerful Extrude Toolset.
  • Probes - Recently updated query and inspection tool by TT. Shows face normal, edge normals, UVQ values, and more.
  • RayTrace and RaySpray - A couple of TIG Tools that add construction geometry to trace ray paths.
  • Fix Component Names - A TT plug-in that fixes a bug that happens when 2 Components have the same name.
  • Delete Internal Faces- New scripter kyyu released a plug-in to remove internal faces from faces.
  • Key Rotate - A shortcut for rotating things also by kyyu.
  • OnTime5D Plugin - connect 3D objects with schedule made with OnTime software.
  • Automatic SketchUp - The first Ruby book aimed at SketchUp development has been published.
  • 3D Printing - i.materialize has released a plug-in to help create and upload models for 3d printing directly from SketchUp.
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