Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Creating an Analysis Display Style in Revit 2011

Using the recently released Solar Radiation Technology Preview, we can create or modify an analysis display style.  Additional documentation is also available in the video here.

By default, the solar radiation add-in will create an analysis display style called Solar Radiation Default.  You can access the menu under the view Properties > Analysis Display Style.  Once in the menu there are 3 tabs to modify the display style settings or create a new style; Settings, Color & Legend.

Let’s look at the Settings tab first:

The only option here is if you would like to see or hide gridlines in the analysis view:


Next on the Color tab:

There are 2 options for the graphical display; Gradient & Ranges.  Gradient will allow you to specify colors for the max, auto and min values and blend them with a gradient display.  Ranges will allow you to add \ remove rows of color as well, using the + or – buttons, but leave the rows of color separation:



The last tab is for the Legend, which by default appears in the view:

The legend should be visible in the view where the analysis display is active.


The Legend tab will allow you to specify the display of the legend in general, along with visibility for units, name and description.  You can additionally specify the font and rounding settings:


Via Revitclinic

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