Thursday, 23 April 2009

Google O3D as a CAD/BIM visualisation tool

The recently released Google O3D browser plug-in demonstrates how complex architectural models can be displayed in 3D within a modern browser. Below is a demonstration of 3D CAD within the new O3D browser.

From an architectural collaboration perspective O3D can be quite valuable. Clients can experience 3D designs within the browser. They would not need to download and install separate applications. They would also, have the ability to work and change design decisions with the architect simultaneously.

The demonstration suggests that in the foreseeable future programs such as Google Earth and SketchUp maybe delivered directly through the browser rather than as desktop applications. In a more general sense this 3D-enablement of the browser may have a significant positive impact on the way architectural professionals can visualise 3D designs on the Web.

Via StressFree

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