Thursday, 22 July 2010

Photoshop Tutorial: How to add backgound image onto a rendered scene

Below is a quick tutorial I made on how to add background image onto a rendered scene in photoshop. This could be helpful to add context into ur renders and exisiting site conditions.

Basically, when you render your image out from rendering softwares such as 3dsmax or through rendering plugins within sketchup, save your image as .PNG file or .TGA file as it removes the alpha channel automatically.

However, some rendering programs such as Podium is able to save as .PNG file but not able to remove the alpha channel. Well for me it didn't work when I opened up the .png file in photoshop. Therefore, I had to remove the background manually and add a new background image as shown in the video below:

The video can be downloaded here for better quality viewing:

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