Monday, 31 August 2009

Google Earth and Google Maps updates Wellington Maps

A couple of cool new features have arrived at Google Maps.

First, the images used in the satellite tiles have been updated, and with images of a higher resolution so you can zoom in right down to the smallest click on the slidey thing.

The old images pre-dated the bypass, so it's good to see more up-to-date images.

Also, the images appear to have been taken on a bright sunny day and the city looks absolutely gorgeous.

Wellington is the first city in Australasia to have Google Transit, as reported in this envious article in the Herald.

Alan's already had a bit of a play with it:


And we've had a look and it seems pretty useful - much easier to use than the famously crap Metlink website.

There's still a few things that need to be tidied up (it seems to think that the Airport Bus drives across the harbour), and it would be great to be able to specify which type of public transport you want to search for. But we're mostly enthused by this new addition.

Via wellingtonista

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