Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Open .Docx files online with Google Docs

Google Docs serves as a great alternative to native OS word processors like Microsoft Office and OpenOffice but with only one limitation until now, the inability to process .Docx file documents.

However, with the recent addition of new file formats to the list of support ones in Google Docs, users will now be able to not only upload and process .Docx file documents but will also be able to upload and process .xlsx spreadsheets with Google Spreadsheets.


The .Docx format was introduced by Microsoft in Office 2007 as a standard XML file format to store the data of any document, spreadsheet or presentation and is hereby the most-commonly used extension for documents.

Having the ability to now upload and process these files through Google Docs will allow users to make use of the cloud services in a better way and keep their documents safe and synchronized wherever they go.

To upload, simply select the file document and Google Docs will automatically detect the format, upload it, convert it and display it.

For more convinience, you might want to try out the .Docx to .Rtf converter.

Via Sizlopedia

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