Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Google Lively: 3D Interactive Virtual World

Google just launched a 3D interactive online virtual world called Lively.

Google Lively basically allows users to interact socially in a much
more realistic manner than just leaving comments or text blurbs.

Lively is more likely build on the concept of Second Life which is the world’s most populated online 3D virtual world. However, Lively has some unique features which make it more fun.

Some of the most interesting features of Lively are:

  • A Lively room can be embedded to any webpage/blog using an iFrame.
  • No registration required. Just use Google account.
  • There are multiple worlds e.g. super heroes, islands, fantasy etc.
  • Runs right inside from the browser.
  • Users can watch YouTube videos on Televisions inside rooms.
  • Users can hug, shake hands, play games, chat and much more!

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