Thursday, 17 April 2008

The new Google Earth has landed

The new Google Earth 4.3 (beta) for Windows and Mac has arrived with new features, including some ported over from other Google products.

New features

- One of the more exciting additions to Google Earth 4.3 is the capability to switch on day and night views.

- News that Street View, which you may remember from Google Maps, will be woven into the version update, complete with the familiar photo viewer.

- Speed is someting which is improved on. 3D buildings will render faster and Google Earth 4.3 accelerates the switch between Earth and Sky modes.

- Images will be getting time stamps for easily seeing when they were created. Since so many photo sources populate Google Earth, not every image will bear a born-on date, but those that do will add another layer of information.

- Finally, Google is updating the look of the application's navigational controls to make mouse and keyboard scrolling easier.

Making models with Google SketchUp is a good way to populate Google Earth, or to create your personal version of it. If you prefer to create your own 3D landscapes, Bryce is the freeware application to use. DAZ Studio, is another software that offers the same extensive range of modeling freedom.

Via Mashable and Webware

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