Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Introducing SketchUp 7

Google has finally released Sketchup 7 and can now be downloaded from its website.Both pro and the free version are out.

Below is a video showing whats new:

You can find an exhaustive list of what's new in 7 on the What's New in SketchUp 7 page from Google.

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Via Google Skecthup Blog

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Gmail brings Voice and Video Chat

Google has introduced voice and video chat from gmail. All yo need is a plugin which can be installed from within Gmail.

You can view the videos in the small fly-out panel or pop-em out to a large PIP view. You can even blow them up to full screen and have a smooth chatting experience at the same time.

Below is a video tutorial highlighting some of the features of this new service along with instructions on how to use them.

Voice and Video Plugin Direct Download

Via Sizlopedia

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Sketchup Show:Energy Analysis Plugins in SketchUp

This Episode by the sketchup show, shows you how to use the Virtual Environment -
Energy Analysis Plugin from Integrated Environmental Systems (aka: IES
VE). You can download this free plugin for SketchUp from the IES
Website: www.iesve.com. The Plugin allows SketchUp users to conduct
energy analysis simulations of their SketchUp models at the earliest
stages of design, which will hopefully help us all to design buildings
that will be more energy efficient, reduce energy consumption and
ultimately keep Earth from melting.

Video can be viewed and downloaded here.

Import Satellite Imagery and Terrain from Google Earth IN COLOR!

The Google Earth plugin  imports a black and
white satellite imagery into skecthup. This episode (#52) by the skecthup show shows how to import sattelite imagery and terrain from google earth in COLOUR. The Episode is a continuation of Episode #51.

Video can be viewed or downloaded from here.

Search for it in youtube..it could be uploaded. Last time I checked it wasn't available yet.

Browse the 3D Warehouse in Google Earth

You can browse 3D Warehouse models in Google Earth! Clicking this 3D Warehouse Community network link launches Google Earth and shows icons wherever geo-located models have been placed in the 3D Warehouse.

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Via Google Sketchup blog

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Synchro: Your model in 4D

Synchro is a 4D (3D +
scheduling) application that allows you to create and see the
construction schedule of your project -- all at the same time. They've
created a plugin
for SketchUp and have full support for the SKP file format. The plugin
allows you to bring geometry from SketchUp into Synchro with a unique
ID attached to each component. This gives users the ability to make
changes in their SketchUp models and port those changes back to Synchro
while iterating on designs.

Below is a video representing the product in action provided by Construction Software Advice:

Via Sketchup Blog

Thursday, 6 November 2008

15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration

In this article, you’ll find 15 free tools to help you facilitate remote/web-based collaboration.
Whether you need basic whiteboarding/brainstorming tools or
fully-featured project management applications – you should be able to
find a tool or two that’s worth checking out.

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3D Warehouse - now with 3D maps

You can now view 3dmodels in google 3d model maps using the Google Earth Plugin.

To see this in action, first find a geo-referenced model in the Google 3D Warehouse. Then, click on the Map tab and choose the Earth
map type (this plugin is currently only available on Windows). You'll
see the model load and the view change to focus on the 3D model - all
within the 3D Warehouse.

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